Drama Movie

Do-ga-ni Online

 Title: Do-ga-ni

 Rating: 8.1

 Release: 2011-09-22

 Director: Dong-hyuk Hwang

 Cast: Yoo Gong, Yu-mi Jung, Hyeon-soo Kim, Jee-Young Kim

 Keywords: fight, golf club, teacher, smile, apple

 Creator: Ji-young Gong, Dong-hyuk Hwang

 Description: Do-ga-ni is a movie starring Yoo Gong, Yu-mi Jung, and Hyeon-soo Kim. Based on real events, this film depicts the story of a school for the hearing-impaired where young deaf students were sexually assaulted by the faculty members…

Though it is hard to believe, this is the true account of what took place inside a school for the deaf. For about 5 years since 2000, the principal and some teachers committed inhumane sexual molestation and abuse against some deaf children. Though we do not want to accept it, it is true. It is time to face this horrible truth.

Documentary Movie Sport

The Last Gladiators Online

 Title: The Last Gladiators

 Rating: 7.1

 Release: 2011-09-09

 Director: Alex Gibney

 Cast: Donald Brashear, Lyndon Byers, Guy Carbonneau, Don Cherry

 Keywords: hockey, goon, ice hockey, hockey fight, drug addiction

 Creator: Jim Podhoretz, Larry Weitzman

 Description: The Last Gladiators is a movie starring Donald Brashear, Lyndon Byers, and Guy Carbonneau. In ice hockey, no one is tougher than the “goon”. Those players have one mission: to protect the star players at any price.

Trailer for The Last Gladiators

Comedy Drama Fantasy Movie

Bert: The Emotion Picture Online

 Title: Bert: The Emotion Picture

 Rating: 7.2

 Release: 1970-01-01

 Director: Jose Montesinos

 Cast: Alex Arleo, David Atwood, Morgan Benoit, Giovannie Espiritu


 Creator: Jose Montesinos

 Description: Bert: The Emotion Picture is a movie starring Alex Arleo, David Atwood, and Morgan Benoit. When he can no longer take being invisible to the world and his dream girl, Bert finds a way out of his old life and into a new body. ‘BERT…

Drama Movie

Lad: A Yorkshire Story Online

 Title: Lad: A Yorkshire Story

 Rating: 7.9

 Release: 2017-04-05

 Director: Dan Hartley

 Cast: Bretten Lord, Nancy Clarkson, Liam Thomas, Robert Hayes

 Keywords: countryside, yorkshire dales, yorkshire, landscape, cinematography

 Creator: Dan Hartley

 Description: Lad: A Yorkshire Story is a movie starring Bretten Lord, Nancy Clarkson, and Liam Thomas. A teenage boy forms a friendship with a park ranger in the Yorkshire Dales after the death of his father.

Drama Movie

Kisses Online

 Title: Kisses

 Rating: 7.3

 Release: 2008-11-21

 Director: Lance Daly

 Cast: Kelly O’Neill, Shane Curry, Paul Roe, Roy Dempsey

 Keywords: christmas, tween girl, pedophile, child molestation, domestic violence

 Creator: Lance Daly

 Description: Kisses is a movie starring Kelly O’Neill, Shane Curry, and Paul Roe. Two kids, Dylan and Kylie, run away from home at Christmas and spend a night of magic and terror on the streets of inner-city Dublin.

Two kids, Dylan and Kylie, run away from home at Christmas and spend a night of magic and terror on the streets of inner-city Dublin.

Comedy Movie

Die fruchtbaren Jahre sind vorbei Online

 Title: Die fruchtbaren Jahre sind vorbei

 Rating: 7.2

 Release: 2019-08-11

 Director: Natascha Beller

 Cast: Michle Rohrbach, Anne Haug, Sarah Hostettler, Alireza Bayram

 Keywords: swiss german, late night, quarter life crisis, ticking clock, biological clock

 Creator: Natascha Beller

 Description: Die fruchtbaren Jahre sind vorbei is a movie starring Michle Rohrbach, Anne Haug, and Sarah Hostettler. a zany, contemporary comedy about the misfortunes of three thirtysomething girlfriends dealing with the social pressure that…

Documentary History Movie War

Berga: Soldiers of Another War Online

 Title: Berga: Soldiers of Another War

 Rating: 7.9

 Release: 2003-05-28

 Director: Charles Guggenheim

 Cast: Charles Guggenheim, Al Abrams, Anthony Acevedo, Herschel Auerbach

 Keywords: jewish, concentration camp, nazi, world war two, reenactment

 Creator: Charles Guggenheim

 Description: Berga: Soldiers of Another War is a movie starring Charles Guggenheim, Al Abrams, and Anthony Acevedo. Berga Soldiers of Another War reveals the untold story of 350 American prisoners of war caught in the tragedy of the Holocaust….

Drama Movie

Gangster Report Online

 Title: Gangster Report

 Rating: 8.3

 Release: 2014-12-18

 Director: Dean H. Olivas Jr.

 Cast: Akash Ahuja, Anthony Ballios, Nancy Boyd, Tiffany Burns


 Creator: Darryn J. Montgomery

 Description: Gangster Report is a movie starring Akash Ahuja, Anthony Ballios, and Nancy Boyd. This film offers a unique retelling of the biblical scripture of David and Goliath, set in 1930s Detroit. David (Kai Connor Keliikuli), a young…

Crime Drama Movie Thriller

Track 16 Online

 Title: Track 16

 Rating: 7.1

 Release: 2001-08-01

 Director: Mick McCleery

 Cast: Billy Franks, Bobbi Ashton, C. Fox, Alan Pratt

 Keywords: indian music, bar band, british musician, alley, 16 track recording

 Creator: Mick McCleery

 Description: Track 16 is a movie starring Billy Franks, Bobbi Ashton, and C. Fox. Paul Matthews only wanted to record his new song. Instead he records a murder. Now, he’s got two cops who won’t leave him alone. The victim’s best friend following…

Adventure Drama Movie Romance

From the End Into the Beginning Online

 Title: From the End Into the Beginning

 Rating: 7.3

 Release: 2016-01-30

 Director: Paige Suzanne

 Cast: Christopher Bela, Ara Germaine, Brian Gibson, Keegan Moyer

 Keywords: love, passion, loyalty, compelling, independent film

 Creator: Paige Suzanne

 Description: From the End Into the Beginning is a movie starring Christopher Bela, Ara Germaine, and Brian Gibson. Inspired by true events, a young married couple, Christopher and Paige, go on a romantic weekend getaway. The lovers reminisce…

The trailer for From the End Into the Beginning.