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Can Online

 Title: Can

 Rating: 8.1

 Release: 2013-06-26

 Director: Ray Cartier, Laurence Cohen

 Cast: Matt Cornett, Mj Walters, Dario Torres, Leroy Carver III


 Creator: Ray Cartier

 Description: Can is a movie starring Matt Cornett, Mj Walters, and Dario Torres. While collecting cans through his neighborhood, thirteen-year-old Diego crosses paths with the drug dealing underworld. Without a mother, and with only an alcoholic…

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Good Fortune Online

 Title: Good Fortune

 Rating: 7.8

 Release: 2017-06-22

 Director: Joshua Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell

 Cast: Dan Aykroyd, Robert Cromeans, Eloise DeJoria, John Paul DeJoria


 Creator: Johnny O’Hara

 Description: Good Fortune is a movie starring Dan Aykroyd, Robert Cromeans, and Eloise DeJoria. GOOD FORTUNE is the rags to riches tale of conscious capitalism pioneer John Paul DeJoria. Born with nothing, at times homeless on the streets of LA,…

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Watch Klaus Online

 Title: Klaus

 Rating: 8.2

 Release: 2019-11-08

 Director: Sergio Pablos, Carlos Martnez Lpez

 Cast: Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, Rashida Jones, Will Sasso

 Keywords: christmas, friendship, post man, island, forest

 Creator: Sergio Pablos, Sergio Pablos, Jim Mahoney, Zach Lewis

 Description: Klaus is a movie starring Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, and Rashida Jones. A simple act of kindness always sparks another, even in a frozen, faraway place. When Smeerensburg’s new postman, Jesper, befriends toymaker Klaus, their…

When Jesper distinguishes himself as the postal academy’s worst student, he is stationed on a frozen island above the Arctic Circle, where the feuding locals hardly exchange words let alone letters. Jesper is about to give up when he finds an ally in local teacher Alva, and discovers Klaus, a mysterious carpenter who lives alone in a cabin full of handmade toys.

Action Documentary Drama Family Movie Sport Thriller

Watch Born and Bred Online

 Title: Born and Bred

 Rating: 8.1

 Release: 2011-08-19

 Director: Justin Frimmer

 Cast: Jim Lampley, Teddy Atlas, Javier Molina, Oscar Molina

 Keywords: boxer, boxing, amateur, latino, mexican american


 Description: Born and Bred is a movie starring Jim Lampley, Teddy Atlas, and Javier Molina. Born and Bred is a feature-length documentary film chronicling the lives of a new generation of young boxers fighting for their place in the American…