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Dale Online

 Title: Dale

 Rating: 8.7

 Release: 1970-01-01

 Director: Rory Karpf, Mike Viney

 Cast: Marshall Brooks, Richard Childress, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dale Earnhardt

 Keywords: racing, daytona 500, nascar, farm, auto racing

 Creator: Ryan McGee

 Description: Dale is a movie starring Marshall Brooks, Richard Childress, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.. Archival race footage, outtakes, home videos and interviews Dale Earnhardt’s friends, family, and competitors are used in this documentary on the…

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Bleacher Boys Online

 Title: Bleacher Boys

 Rating: 8.1

 Release: 2009-09-18

 Director: Ziad H. Hamzeh

 Cast: Ed Lucas, Patrick Cannon, Neal Freeling, Paul Paravanno

 Keywords: sportsman, baseball, blindness

 Creator: Ziad H. Hamzeh

 Description: This is a story of five men who shared a common dream as boys: the dream of growing up and playing major league baseball. Five men: each of whose dreams were dashed at an early age due to blindness.

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The Last Gladiators Online

 Title: The Last Gladiators

 Rating: 7.1

 Release: 2011-09-09

 Director: Alex Gibney

 Cast: Donald Brashear, Lyndon Byers, Guy Carbonneau, Don Cherry

 Keywords: hockey, goon, ice hockey, hockey fight, drug addiction

 Creator: Jim Podhoretz, Larry Weitzman

 Description: The Last Gladiators is a movie starring Donald Brashear, Lyndon Byers, and Guy Carbonneau. In ice hockey, no one is tougher than the “goon”. Those players have one mission: to protect the star players at any price.

Trailer for The Last Gladiators

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Slipping: Skate’s Impact on Egypt Online

 Title: Slipping: Skate’s Impact on Egypt

 Rating: 9.0

 Release: 2012-10-11

 Director: Brett Wiese Saunders

 Cast: Cairo Foster, Cherif Herrawi, Omar Herrawi, Yassin Koptan



 Description: Slipping: Skate’s Impact on Egypt is a movie starring Cairo Foster, Cherif Herrawi, and Omar Herrawi. A biography on Egypt’s first, and still to this day, only skateboard shop. Two brothers started the shop which resulted in a never…

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Watch Beautiful Boxer Online

 Title: Beautiful Boxer

 Rating: 7.1

 Release: 2004-04-29

 Director: Ekachai Uekrongtham

 Cast: Asanee Suwan, Sorapong Chatree, Orn-Anong Panyawong, Nukkid Boonthong

 Keywords: muay thai, transgender, thai boxing, kickboxer, transitioning

 Creator: Ekachai Uekrongtham, Desmond Sim

 Description: Beautiful Boxer is a movie starring Asanee Suwan, Sorapong Chatree, and Orn-Anong Panyawong. Bio-pic of transgender Muay Thai boxer Parinya Charoenphol who pursued the sport to pay for her sex change operation.

Home Video Trailer from Regent

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Watch Laffit: All About Winning Online

 Title: Laffit: All About Winning

 Rating: 8.6

 Release: 2006-04-27

 Director: Jim Wilson

 Cast: Kevin Costner, Laffit Pincay Jr.

 Keywords: horse racing, sham, mother, wife, father

 Creator: Jay Hovdey

 Description: Laffit: All About Winning is a movie starring Kevin Costner and Laffit Pincay Jr.. A documentary that outlines Laffit Pincay Jr.’s illustrious 39 year horse racing career as one of the most competitive and successful jockeys ever to…

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Watch 50 Yard Dash Online

 Title: 50 Yard Dash

 Rating: 9.3

 Release: 1970-01-01

 Director: Ben Fraternale

 Cast: Alvin Ray Jackson, Brandon Rush, Christian Wise


 Creator: Ben Fraternale

 Description: 50 Yard Dash is a movie starring Alvin Ray Jackson, Brandon Rush, and Christian Wise. A docu-short following the fascinating lives of Arena Football players through the eyes of two veterans.

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Watch Make Us Dream Online

 Title: Make Us Dream

 Rating: 8.1

 Release: 2018-11-15

 Director: Sam Blair

 Cast: Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, Steve Bruce, Jamie Carragher

 Keywords: soccer ball, goal, sunglasses, liverpool football club, liverpool


 Description: Make Us Dream is a movie starring Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, and Steve Bruce. Documentary about the mercurial football career of Steven Gerrard, one of Liverpool FCs finest ever players.

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Watch Born and Bred Online

 Title: Born and Bred

 Rating: 8.1

 Release: 2011-08-19

 Director: Justin Frimmer

 Cast: Jim Lampley, Teddy Atlas, Javier Molina, Oscar Molina

 Keywords: boxer, boxing, amateur, latino, mexican american


 Description: Born and Bred is a movie starring Jim Lampley, Teddy Atlas, and Javier Molina. Born and Bred is a feature-length documentary film chronicling the lives of a new generation of young boxers fighting for their place in the American…

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Watch Strokes of Genius Online

 Title: Strokes of Genius

 Rating: 8.1

 Release: 2019-12-17

 Director: Andrew Douglas

 Cast: Yves Allegro, Paul Annacone, Bjrn Borg, Andrew Castle



 Description: Strokes of Genius is a movie starring Yves Allegro, Paul Annacone, and Bjrn Borg. The film intertwines Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s lives with their famed 2008 Wimbledon championship – an epic match so close and so reflective…