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Dreammaker Online

 Title: Dreammaker

 Rating: 7.5

 Release: 2005-09-23

 Director: Christina Morales Hemenway

 Cast: Shane Aaron, Katie Cleese, Sarah Fairfax, Jeridan Frye

 Keywords: title directed by female, title written by female, f rated

 Creator: Christina Morales Hemenway

 Description: Dreammaker is a movie starring Shane Aaron, Katie Cleese, and Sarah Fairfax. This ensemble dramedy centers around a disillusioned writer, Carmen, whose husband is seeing a psychic. The psychic, Esmerelda, seems to be well respected…

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Big Eden Online

 Title: Big Eden

 Rating: 7.3

 Release: 2000-04-18

 Director: Thomas Bezucha

 Cast: Arye Gross, Eric Schweig, Tim DeKay, Louise Fletcher

 Keywords: gay relationship, montana, artist, native american, kiss

 Creator: Thomas Bezucha

 Description: Big Eden is a movie starring Arye Gross, Eric Schweig, and Tim DeKay. Big Eden is a small, fictional northwestern Montana town.

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The Bromley Boys Online

 Title: The Bromley Boys

 Rating: 6.7

 Release: 2018-06-01

 Director: Steve M Kelly

 Cast: Brenock O’Connor, Jamie Foreman, Alan Davies, Martine McCutcheon

 Keywords: football, based on novel

 Creator: Warren Dudley

 Description: The Bromley Boys is a movie starring Brenock O’Connor, Jamie Foreman, and Alan Davies. The true story of Sports’ Greatest Underdog.

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Actor in Law Online

 Title: Actor in Law

 Rating: 7.7

 Release: 2016-09-08

 Director: Nabeel Qureshi

 Cast: Mehwish Hayat, Fahad Mustafa, Om Puri, Nayyar Ejaz

 Keywords: father

 Creator: Inam Hasan, Fizza Ali Meerza, Nabeel Qureshi

 Description: Actor in Law is a movie starring Mehwish Hayat, Fahad Mustafa, and Om Puri. Estranged from his attorney father, an aspiring actor poses as a lawyer who becomes a celebrity for taking on difficult cases.

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Teenage Tupelo Online

 Title: Teenage Tupelo

 Rating: 7.1

 Release: 1970-01-01

 Director: John Michael McCarthy

 Cast: D’Lana Tunnell, Hugh Brooks, Wanda Wilson, Kristen Hobbs

 Keywords: singer, lesbian, 1960s, semi autobiographical, nudist

 Creator: John Michael McCarthy

 Description: Teenage Tupelo is a movie starring D’Lana Tunnell, Hugh Brooks, and Wanda Wilson. In Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1962, a poor, young, single mother is impregnated by a womanizing has-been singer. Her mother tries to force her to give…

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Scrap Online

 Title: Scrap

 Rating: 8.2

 Release: 2010-04-18

 Director: Paul von Stoetzel

 Cast: Jim Bishop, Dr. Evermor, Eleanor Every, Dan Bishop

 Keywords: wildlife, underground film, nature, independent film


 Description: Scrap is a movie starring Jim Bishop, Dr. Evermor, and Eleanor Every. Scrap is a feature documentary which follows the history of two eccentric builders and their amazing structures which were both built by a single man: “The…

Comedy Drama Fantasy Movie

Bert: The Emotion Picture Online

 Title: Bert: The Emotion Picture

 Rating: 7.2

 Release: 1970-01-01

 Director: Jose Montesinos

 Cast: Alex Arleo, David Atwood, Morgan Benoit, Giovannie Espiritu


 Creator: Jose Montesinos

 Description: Bert: The Emotion Picture is a movie starring Alex Arleo, David Atwood, and Morgan Benoit. When he can no longer take being invisible to the world and his dream girl, Bert finds a way out of his old life and into a new body. ‘BERT…

Comedy Movie

Die fruchtbaren Jahre sind vorbei Online

 Title: Die fruchtbaren Jahre sind vorbei

 Rating: 7.2

 Release: 2019-08-11

 Director: Natascha Beller

 Cast: Michle Rohrbach, Anne Haug, Sarah Hostettler, Alireza Bayram

 Keywords: swiss german, late night, quarter life crisis, ticking clock, biological clock

 Creator: Natascha Beller

 Description: Die fruchtbaren Jahre sind vorbei is a movie starring Michle Rohrbach, Anne Haug, and Sarah Hostettler. a zany, contemporary comedy about the misfortunes of three thirtysomething girlfriends dealing with the social pressure that…

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Wo bu shi yao shen Online

 Title: Wo bu shi yao shen

 Rating: 7.9

 Release: 2018-07-05

 Director: Muye Wen

 Cast: Zheng Xu, Yiwei Zhou, Chuan-jun Wang, Zhuo Tan


 Creator: Jianv Han, Muye Wen, Wei Zhong

 Description: Wo bu shi yao shen is a movie starring Zheng Xu, Yiwei Zhou, and Chuan-jun Wang. A story on how a small drug store owner became the exclusive selling agent of a cheap Indian generic drug against Chronic Granulocytic Leukemia in…

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I Work Online

 Title: I Work

 Rating: 7.8

 Release: 2012-08-01

 Director: Michael Henry

 Cast: Tom Bridger, Michael Henry, Charles Cromwell, Rob Smith

 Keywords: estranged parent, artificial intelligence, private investigator, friendship, existentialism

 Creator: Michael Henry

 Description: I Work is a movie starring Tom Bridger, Michael Henry, and Charles Cromwell. A confused anarchist and his workaholic housemate set out to find an estranged parent. The two get more than they bargained for, when an accident along the…